Rules For Plus Size Dressing

Rules For Plus Size Dressing

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This is again for the ladies. Dresses those are different in the two halves look good, but to a little extent. Never choose a dress that look like sewn out of two completely different parts. The striking contrast is never good for formal dresses and this makes even expensive dresses to look cheap.

Being plus sized is nothing wrong. Now, plus size is being considered as stylish too. There is no hesitation in being chubby and curvy. Those curves are to be celebrated not to be regretted. So girls, who till this date, were doubtful about their body can now just celebrate their shape.

In this article we’re not going to bind you in rules. Rather we’re going to free you from those rules that you tried to follow for so many years. Just forget all rules and celebrate the new ones that completely emphasize the curves of a plus size body. Search for plus size evening wear stores and buy the one you like.

Wear white:

Plus size body was considered to look bigger in white. But shape has nothing to do with colours. So if any rule stops you to wear certain colour, it is time to scrap it. The colour just needs to compliment your complexion and it will do great. Black or any dark hue cannot make you look smaller. It will never make you slim. You can wear white if you can find the perfect fit. It will not make you look larger. There is no such rule. Just choose white and visit stores selling good plus size mother of the bride dresses for perfect fit. I bet you will look great flaunting your curvy body in white.


You can rock it easily if the proper one is chosen. While you will find stripes that won’t just suit you, there are others who are just creating magic. Now, designers are taking help of stripes to make you look slimmer. Inward stripes help to create a waistline that creates the illusion of a smaller waist. In this way, carves will be emphasized. It will be even better if you choose a dress that has stripes on a dark background.

Go for the trends:

Girls, who are chubby, often try to stick to what are used to wear. We girls hesitate to choose something new as we fear that it may not suit us. But the fact is you will never get to know if you avoid trying. Dresses that are trendy can suit your shape with a slight variation. Believe me; stores have a collection for us too. So, if you want a harem pant or a crop top, you will get what you want. These dresses can also flatter a curvy body. Don’t shy away and find out what suits you.

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