Sun Protection Clothing

Sun Protection Clothing

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Although going to the beach is an exciting experience which relaxes your mind and soul but a long exposure to the sun can damage your skin. So while selecting clothes for beach do consider that one which has ultraviolet protection to keep your skin safe from any harm. For this purpose, the rash vest is introduced which has the ability to protect from ultraviolet A or ultraviolet B protection and maybe both. UVA rays absorb down into the skin and can cause wrinkles and can affect immune system whereas UVB is more dangerous as the can burn the upper layer of skin and more exposure to these rays can cause skin cancer. That is why rash vest is considered as magical clothes which protect from UV rays when going on the beach, so select those having UPF rating on them.

Rash vests are introduced in Australia to meet the rising need of people as they are in love with beaches. It not only gives protection from the sun, but the rash vest is also useful to keep the body warm when going into the water for a longer period of time. These are also helpful to prevent any rash on the skin and can be wear alone or under a wetsuit.

Different kinds of Rashies in use

While accepting the importance of Rashies, the demand for it is increasing over time. People of Aussie are also conscious about their health while keeping their love for the beach, they are taking measure to protect them from any harm. That is why a variety of Rashies being introduced in the market to meet their requirements such as rash vests, full body rashie, rash trousers, bikini bottom etc. These are available in all size which can be useful for the kids as well as for adults.

How does it help?

Rash vests are also known as rash guards because of its purpose, to protect. The fabric is used in these is specifically designed and tested to check its ability to protect on the basis of that ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating is given to any cloth. The skin of the neck and hands is so thin and gets effected quickly so these protective clothes are made to cover the sensitive areas of the body. However, these are also made to keep the body warm mostly when the water temperature is low, so the thermal effect is also related to the protection of the body from getting a shell in cold water. Moreover, because of it’s numerous benefits rashies are used as a preferable dress for many sports in and out water to give protection to the athlete from any kind of burn, cut an from any other disease. Go right here to find out more details.

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